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Welcome to Jessica Rees Translations

I flutter between languages and cultures so that your projects are not lost in translation.

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The services I offer



When translating content for the English-speaking community, it is essential  that it is translated using good English because the content will represent you after all.

This is where I come in. I translate from German into English and from French into English, using appropriate style and wording for your target audience so that your texts are not lost in translation.


After a text has been translated, it is good practice for it to be checked by a second translator. This ensures that the translated text conveys the meaning of the original text correctly.

I review translations of German and French texts for accuracy and style, making sure that nothing has been omitted from the translation.


There are times when a text needs to be checked by someone else to make sure that the text is clear and error-free.

I can be the extra pair of eyes for your text. I proofread English texts for spelling and grammar errors as well as for clarity. I also make sure that the text is suitable for the target audience.

And more!

Additionally, I offer transcreation services for those times when a translation needs to be more creative or adapted for the English-speaking market.

I also adapt texts written in US English so that the final text is in UK English. This is exactly what you need if you want to reach out to the UK market.

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About Me

Hello there! I'm Jessica Rees. I come from Wales in the United Kingdom, but I now live in France. I work as a French to English and German to English translator and editor, and I love the variety of my work. I work on projects from the wine, sport and tourism industries among others. In August 2021, I became an Associate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

When not at my desk, you’ll find me out on walks, maybe with my camera as I am an amateur photographer, baking, doing yoga or reading a good book.


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