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Le Petit Berticot Cabernet Sauvignon

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Tonight is the big night. Wales take on France in the Six Nations rugby tournament.

Coming from Wales, rugby is in my blood. I love rugby and have watched it being played at every level.* When it's been too long since I last saw a rugby match in person, I can feel the ache for it in my heart.

Does that sound a bit cheesy? Yes, it probably does, but it’s true. Rugby is a sport I’m passionate about, and I have many happy memories of watching rugby with my family. The teams, the supporters and an atmosphere filled with friendly rivalry give me a buzz. Luckily, there is a rugby club right up the road from where I live in southwest France.

Jessica Rees Translations with a red jumper that reads "Rugby and Chill"
My favourite jumper to wear when watching rugby from Welsh Girl problems

Pairing wine with a rugby match

So what should I drink while I watch the rugby match tonight? If it's anything like last year's match between Wales and France, I will need a wine that helps balance out the powerful clashes that will undoubtedly happen on the pitch.

And luckily for me, Berticot has created just that with this Le Petit Berticot Cabernet Sauvignon. The fruity sweetness of the wine will offset the powerful tackles.

Glass and bottle of wine. Bottle label has someone kicking a rugby ball over rugby posts
Le Petit Berticot Cabernet Sauvignon from Berticot

I also couldn’t have found a wine with a more fitting label. It just had to be this bottle for tonight!

More than the perfect label

There is more than the label that makes this the perfect wine to pair with tonight’s rugby match. The wine’s intense ruby colour matches the intensity of the rugby that will be played.

Notes of blackcurrants and cherries rise from my glass and the wine smells deliciously fruity. Let’s hope that this is as fruity as it gets tonight and no fruity language will be picked up on the ref’s mic.

This silky Cabernet Sauvignon with its round, melted tannins glides around my palate. It reveals a wonderful smokiness along with blackcurrant and cherry flavours that bring a sweetness to the wine.

While this wine is well structured, it will be interesting to see how much structure the rugby will have with the roof of the Principality Stadium (it will always be the Millennium Stadium to me) open to the Welsh weather.

Picture of Jessica from Jessica Rees Translations with a wine glass

So cheers to a Friday night spent watching rugby!

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* Fun fact about me: I played rugby for a little while, mainly tag rugby but a little tackle too.


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